"Almost unnoticed, nations are trying to impose – often successfully – sovereign borders and legal demands on a digital realm that is inherently borderless.”

- Paul Rosenzweig

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“Cloud users, providers and regulators must accept that as the scope of cloud computing expands, new and enhanced standards to protect data in the cloud will be essential.”

- Jeff Gould, SafeCloud.org

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A Better Way to Fight Terror with Tech

“Success in the endeavor is not optional. The essential goals of preventing terrorism, combating crime and protecting individual privacy and rights are intrinsic to a functioning society, not merely pleasant extrinsic objectives that are ‘nice to have.’” – Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, CNBC

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SafeCloud.org’s mission is to promote safe, secure and compliant cloud computing for all participants in the global economy, including both governments and enterprises. As a non-profit organization, we sponsor original research and expert commentary on issues of interest to cloud service users, their legal and compliance teams and outside counsel, as well as to government officials and regulators.

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